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Advertising Your Event

Having a following that you target with your own marketing and advertising is the best route to getting attendees for your class, workshop or event.

And there are ways that we help.

If you rent our space, your event is listed on our interactive CPL calendar. There will be a standard speaker's profile set up, limited to 100 words, phone, website and email.


If you provide a discount for CPL Strategic Members (you determine the amount of the discount, typically 10-20%), your event will also be:

Let us know what you need and we can help you have a great event.

Complimentaty water, coffee and hot tea are always available.

The following additional resources are available for meetings, seminars, classes, and other functions:

Connections Wall

We have a Connections wall that has business cards and fliers for our Strategic Members and Speakers.



Our posting policy:

CPL Strategic Members can display business cards and 1 additional piece of business literature. If you are doing an event at CPL, you can also post an event flyer.