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5 Reasons to Work with a Graphic Designer

I am a huge do-it-yourself-er when it comes to my business. And you may be too, especially if you are still in start-up mode. For someone, like me, who is tech savvy, it can be an easy decision. Why use a bookkeeper when Quickbooks categorizes all the transactions for you? Social media? There’s an app […]

5 Ways Narrowing Your Niche Grows Your Business

OK, I’ll admit that if I had seen the title of this post years ago when I started my coaching business, I would have rolled my eyes and probably skipped right over it. And if you were tempted to do the same, I appreciate your trust in me to read on. Take me directly to […]

5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Speak

As someone who is out there promoting my business and is comfortable in front of groups, I get asked to speak or give workshops at various organizations. I also am the formal Speaker Coordinator for one of my networking groups (the Holistic Networkers Association) and occasionally step in for my Rotary Club as well. What […]

5 Reasons Your Net-working is Not-Working

Most successful business owners don’t network. Take me directly to the list At least not in the traditional way that you are: paying dues to formal networking groups, going to breakfasts and lunches and cocktail hours, giving your 30-second pitch, playing the how-many-cards-can-you-collect game. It’s a lot of time and money and when you add […]

5 Ways to Build Your EMail List

Vacation? What vacation? I’m really glad that I got back in the swing of things quickly after the holidays, but it seems like everything went from 0 to 60 a little too fast. Have you felt the same? Or maybe you are still moving a bit slower and are easing your way back in. Part […]