CPL Signature Classes

The Center is a venue that is rented by many people and organizations for a wide variety of events. Which means the calendar is full of lots of amazing offerings.

And there are 2 types of classes that you will always find available:

Those led by Tascha Yoder that include GrowthCircles™ (a very special kind of facilitation), mastermind groups, and business support for those at various levels.

Current offerings from Tascha are:

Introduction to GrowthCircles™ – for anyone who leads workshops, discussion groups, training

CPL Masterming Groups – a 6-month commitment to growing your business

CPL Business Start-Up – for new or aspiring entrepreneurs

CPL Next Level Intensive Weekend – for entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with their business growth and want a fast shift


Those led by Margaret Rosenau and Karen Kanode for the School of Inner Health that include craniosacral and lymphatic modalities. The School of Inner Health is a state accredited school that runs all of it’s Colorado Springs based classes in the CPL space.

You can find the SIH classes on our calendar and for all the details it’s best to visit SchoolofInnerHealth.org.