Tascha Yoder

tascha yoder photoTascha Yoder is the owner of the Center for Powerful Living.

Tascha is committed to helping others remember that they are Sacred Humans. From this place – a state of self awareness and connection – individuals can live their best life at home, work and play. When we see each other as Sacred Humans we strengthen our relationships. Through actions we create families, communities and organizational teams that are aligned and successful.

From her own experiences, Tascha understands that being in community is one of the most powerful opportunities for personal and collective growth. She is passionate about fostering growth and change for others by leading discussion groups, wisdom circles, spiritual training, and experiential learning.

Coming from the belief that life is a journey, Tascha is always pursuing her own next learning opportunity. Her gift is being able to read the energy of a situation and integrate her experiences – life coaching, MBA, leadership skills, team building, spiritual practices, system dynamics – into what is needed for moving the group forward.

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