5 Reasons to Work with a Graphic Designer

I am a huge do-it-yourself-er when it comes to my business. And you may be too, especially if you are still in start-up mode. For someone, like me, who is tech savvy, it can be an easy decision. Why use a bookkeeper when Quickbooks categorizes all the transactions for you? Social media? There’s an app for that. Decide to build a basic website and one of the hardest decisions will be weeding through the more than 50 free site builders available online.

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This week my energy has been put into re-doing my business card and brochure. I’m taking a bit of my own advice from my first blog of the year to sync up my marketing materials. But I’m not doing this alone. I made the decision a couple of years ago, as I was taking over CPL, that it was time go pro and work with a graphic designer. It’s an investment that made a huge difference.

I went to the same woman who had designed the CPL logo and we extended the concept to a brochure. I remember how proud I was when they were first printed and I started handing them out. I got a lot of great comments at networking events because the brochures really capture who I am and what CPL does. Most importantly, they look professional, in a way that I could never have done on my own. It’s hard to pin down the qualities of why that is, but I have tried to in this weeks list.

The nice part about this re-do is that most of our past work is still relevant and the graphics/branding is not changing at all – another benefit to having an expert help you get it right in the first place

On this beautiful Valentine’s Day, I hope that you are filled with and surrounded by love in all it’s forms.


5 Reasons to Work with a Graphic Designer

Working with professionals in key areas of your business can make the difference between looking like you are just dabbling in a hobby and appearing to be in business for the long haul. Graphic design is one of these areas where a little investment can really up the image of your business.

  1. Resources and software: Unless you have had a career that borders on graphic design, chances are that you have not invested the time and training in the software needed to make really great looking designs that are specific to your business (this includes unique fonts/photos/graphics).
  2. Cohesion: Especially for a logo, advertising piece, or brochure, a cohesive look is important to provide the right impact. A professional can do what’s needed to blend it all together so it doesn’t look like you just took a bunch of words and graphics that you found online and plopped them on a page together.
  3. Another set of eyes: A good graphic designer should be your partner in creating the piece. While the onus is on you for final proof (including misspelled words), they can help with whether the content makes sense, editing it to fit and making sure your message gets across.
  4. Industry expertise: Whether it’s printing or placing ads, your graphic designer knows the lingo. Bleed, DPI, paper specifications, proper pixel size for a banner ad. Save yourself having to learn what these mean.
  5. Time saver: This ties in to everything above. Doing things yourself may seem like you are being smart and saving money, but hiring an expert who saves you time (and frustration) frees you up to deliver for your clients.

BONUS: If you are a small business, doing business with another small business in your town can lead to strong referrals!


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