5 Ways to Build Your EMail List

Vacation? What vacation?

I’m really glad that I got back in the swing of things quickly after the holidays, but it seems like everything went from 0 to 60 a little too fast. Have you felt the same? Or maybe you are still moving a bit slower and are easing your way back in. Part of me is envious if you are. Either way, I hope things are going well in your world so far in 2014.

Take me directly to the list

Last Friday was my first blog post, and I really appreciate the encouraging feedback that I got. I am happy to say that I’m here again, having written a list of 5 for the blog. There was a little voice in my head last week that said ‘Don’t start something you aren’t going to keep doing.’ (OK, maybe it was a big voice.) Because there have been newsletters in the past. If you have been a fan of CPL for awhile, you have been the recipient of those and you haven’t gotten one for quite a while.

I’m not talking about the Event Update that comes every Sunday. Kim does that and that’s why it has been consistent every week for more than a year. Because it wasn’t dependent on me.

If I couldn’t keep up a monthly newsletter, what makes me believe that I can keep up a weekly one? Because I really like communicating with you and sharing what I learn while growing this business. I created a simple structure that works for me. I know that you are going to get value and that feeds my passion. It’s also because I got really clear on what I do as a business coach and this newsletter is one way to spread the word (part of a comprehensive marketing plan). If you are in a similar situation, you’ll like this week’s blog post.

I’d love to hear about how you have used these strategies (because I didn’t invent them, just put them in a nice list!) and please comment if you have done something else that was wildly successful so the rest of the CPL community can learn about it.

5 Ways to Build Your EMail List

Your email list is one of the most valuable tools that you have. People that you want to do business with have given you permission to communicate with them on a regular basis. How do you attract people in your target market to subscribe to your list?

  1. Cross distribute your newsletter through other outlets: posting to social media (a standard part of most newsletter programs), handing it out at a networking event, including it in a mailer.
  2. Make it really easy to sign up and incorporate that into both your website/blog and your social media sites. Some websites even have pop-up boxes that will remind people to sign up. They may be annoying, but annoying can be effective.
  3. Send an email to people you have met, either directly from your personal email or from your email marketing program. From your personal email: forward a recent newsletter and invite them to sign up. From your email marketing program (meaning you have already added them): send an initial message stating how you think it will be valuable to them and making it clear how they can unsubscribe (This keeps you in compliance with the CAN-SPAM law.)
  4. Run a contest. Whether your prize is for current subscribers who have the most converted referrals (the most people who sign up and identify them as the source), or from the pool of new subscribers, announce the time frame and the prize and watch subscriptions go up. KEY: Make sure what you are giving away is associated with your business so that those subscribing are part of your target market and not just someone looking for a shiny new toy or gift card.
  5. Offer an incentive, like an e-book, a Great Tips list, a free recording of a webinar. Anything that you can deliver electronically either through access on your website or as an email attachment. If they want the information from you and then find your newsletter valuable, chances are good they will stick around for more.

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