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5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Speak

As someone who is out there promoting my business and is comfortable in front of groups, I get asked to speak or give workshops at various organizations. I also am the formal Speaker Coordinator for one of my networking groups (the Holistic Networkers Association) and occasionally step in for my Rotary Club as well. What […]

Types of Networking Groups

Different groups have very distinct focuses and if you are going to network, it helps to understand the groups and how to make the most of them. Leads Groups – The focus is on providing leads to other businesses and them providing leads to you. Most often you will have exclusive representation of your business […]

5 Reasons Your Net-working is Not-Working

Most successful business owners don’t network. Take me directly to the list At least not in the traditional way that you are: paying dues to formal networking groups, going to breakfasts and lunches and cocktail hours, giving your 30-second pitch, playing the how-many-cards-can-you-collect game. It’s a lot of time and money and when you add […]